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How to Size Grease Interceptor - Grease Interceptor Sizing Sheet - Grease Trap

Download grease interceptor sizing excel sheet for free, according to the uniform plumbing code formula. Grease Trap sizing can be obtained by any methods and all of these calculation methods are listed below.

Grease Interceptor Sizing

What is a Grease Interceptor?

A grease interceptor (also known as grease trap, grease recovery device, grease capsule, and grease converter) is a control device that is designed to collect and intercept FOG and food waste from wastewater discharged from Food Service Establishments, until they can be removed and disposed by waste hauling. It is typically a large concrete box with two or three compartments and is usually installed underground outside Food Service Establishments.

Installation Consideration

  • Install the grease interceptor as close as practical to the fixture(s) being served.
  • The grease interceptor should be located in an accessible area such that cleaning and maintenance can be easily performed
  • Plumbing containing discharges from food grinders, dishwashers, and wastes from toilets, urinals, wash basins, and other fixtures containing fecal materials should bypass the grease interceptor.
  • A properly sized and designed grease interceptor may not work efficiently if it is installed incorrectly.
  • The cost of installation will vary depending on the site. Cost factors include the size of the device, space, grade, proximity to a sewer line, and above-ground or in-ground installation. 

Grease Interceptor Sizing Calculator

The uniform plumbing code formula

Download Grease Interceptor Sizing Sheet - No. of Meals Method.

Uniform Plumbing Code - 2006

Download Grease Interceptor Sizing Sheet - Seats Method.

Practical Plumbing Design - 2006, Drain Fixture Unit Value.

Download Grease Interceptor Sizing Sheet - DFU Method

Download these grease interceptor sizing sheets to size your grease interceptor according, find more about plumbing in the Plumbing section.

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