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Pump Sizing Calculation Sheet Download

The Pump Sizing Calculation Sheet is a tool used in the process industry to match the flow and pressure rating of a pump with the flow rate and pressure required for the process. The calculation sheet takes into account the mass flow rate of the system, which is established on the process flow diagram by the mass balance. Pump sizing is a critical step in ensuring the efficient and effective operation of a process system, and the calculation sheet can help engineers and operators select the appropriate pump for their application.

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Pump Sizing Calculation Sheet Download

Pump sizing calculation spreadsheet does the hydraulic calculation for pump suction and discharge piping and calculates differential head, hydraulic power required and NPSH available. Some of the key features of the spreadsheet are:

  • Estimates pressure drop in suction & discharge piping based on 2-K method.
  • Generate a system curve based on pressure losses in the system.
  • Convert pump manufacturer's curve data into an equation and estimates pump operating point based on intersection with system curve.
  • Calculation available in English & Metric units.

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