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Download Ductmate for Duct Sizing and HVAC Duct Design

DuctMate is a user-friendly duct pressure drop and duct sizing calculator based on calculation procedures followed in ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. Download DuctMate for the duct sizing and pressure drop calculation.

This software is used to duct design in HVAC like chilled air supply and return air duct, exhaust air duct, fresh air duct and ventilation duct.

DuctMate allows you to find rectangular and round duct sizes with friction losses and air velocity through the ducts.

Why DuctMate?

  1.  Allows easy calculation of all values.

  2. Accounts for atmospheric pressure and temperature.

  3. Customizable duct friction factors.

  4. Calculates equivalent rectangular duct clear dimensions.

  5. Allows fixing of any rectangular dimension.

  6. Based on ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook.

  7. Work in any unit system. 

Ductmate Duct Sizing Software

There are many duct sizing applications out there, DuctMate sizes the duct with three duct sizing methods;

  1. Equal Friction Method

  2. Velocity Reduction Method

  3.  Static Regain Method

Air flow problems have plagued the HVAC industry for years. No matter how much money you spend on a high-quality HVAC system, the equipment won’t work at its best without properly designed and installed ductwork. Ducts that are not well designed result in discomfort, high energy costs, bad air quality, and increased noise levels.

A well-designed ductwork system should deliver maximum interior comfort at the lowest operating cost while also preserving indoor air quality. The chief requirements of an air conditioning duct system are:

  1. It should convey specific rates of air flow to prescribed locations.

  2. It should be economical in combined initial cost, fan operating cost and cost of

  3. building space.

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