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Electric Water Heater Sizing Calculation Sheet

Download this free excel sheet for the calculation of electric water heater capacity in gallons and kilowatt, with this electric water heater sizing calculation sheet you will get the storage tank capacity in gallons and water heater coil capacity in kilowatt. You can use this sheet for multiple buildings like apartment, office, club etc.

Electric Water Heater Sizing Calculation Sheet

How to size electric water heater?

These inputs are required to put in the sheet first

  1. Choose the building type
  2. Insert the type of fixtures and number of fixtures that need hot water.
  3. Insert demand factor according tot the building type.
  4. Insert storage factor according to the building type.
  5. Insert the desired output hot water temperature.

What will you get?

  1. Storage capacity of tank in gallons
  2. Heater coil capacity in Btu/hr or kW.

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