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HVAC Duct Quantity Take Off Course: A Comprehensive Guide for MEP Quantity Surveyors

HVAC Duct Quantity Take Off

Course: What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

  • HVAC:
  • MEP Quantity Surveying:
  • AutoCAD:
  • MEP:
  • Tendering:
  • Duct Quantity take off:
  • Quantity Surveying:
  • Estimation:
  • Pre Contracts:
Course Content Table

Course Content

Module Topic Duration
Module 1 Introduction 1 min
Module 2 Basics 4 min
Module 3 AHU vs FAHU 2 min
Module 4 Duct Measurement Method 1 5 min
Module 5 Duct Measurement Method 2 7 min
Module 6 Duct Measurement Method 3 7 min
Module 7 Principle of Measurement International - Ductwork 4 min
Module 8 AutoCAD Tips 12 hours
Module 9 Conclusion 1 hours


  • Be open to Learning
  • Basic Excel Knowledge
  • Basic AUTOCAD Knowledge
  • Quantitative Aptitude


In this course you'll explore the world of Heating, Cooling, and Air Conditioning, which is commonly known as HVAC and is an essential part of MEP Services.

Ducts play a crucial role in HVAC systems as they serve as a medium for transmitting air from the equipment to different rooms within a building. And guess what? Accurately estimating DUCT quantities is absolutely critical for effective cost management in construction projects.

By the end of this course, you'll have a thorough understanding of how to perform HVAC duct quantity take off using various units of measurement. We'll cover length, area, and weight measurements to ensure you become a pro at estimating duct dimensions.

Oh, and we've got you covered with handy Excel templates for all length, area, and weight measurements. These templates are separately explained and available for download, making your professional life much easier.

This course is packed with valuable content. Alongside duct quantity estimation, we'll explore the basics of ductworks and learn about the differences between Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHUs).

We'll also dive into POMI (Project Openings and Mechanical Installations) Standards for Duct measurement, ensuring you follow industry-recognized guidelines for accurate estimates.

Looking to up your game? We have a special lecture on AUTOCAD tips, which will be immensely helpful for your estimation purposes. Mastering AUTOCAD can significantly enhance your precision and efficiency in duct quantity take off.

And there's more! We'll discuss SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association) Documents for weight estimation. You'll be able to download this document and use it to make precise calculations and optimize material usage.

To help you reinforce your learning, we've included a sample drawing for practice purposes. Engaging in practical exercises is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and sharpen your skills.

Whether you're a seasoned construction professional or just an enthusiastic learner, this course promises to be a rewarding experience. You'll definitely enjoy it and walk away with valuable insights.

So, let's get started! Join us on this exciting journey to master the art of HVAC duct quantity take off and excel in the world of construction. See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Estimators
  • MEP Quantity Surveyors
  • MEP Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Construction Professionals
  • Engineering Students
  • Fresh Engineers
  • Site Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Cost Control Professionals

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